In a new study from Oxford University, researchers concluded that video games will be good for children if they play for an hour or so a day. The study revealed that kids who played several hours per week behaved better. For example, some were less annoying, didn’t cause as much trouble, or became more empathetic towards others than those who didn’t play games.

On the other hand, for those who played more than an hour a day, more negative effects started to appear. Fatigue, disobedience, lack of friendliness, and similar things were noticeable. I am assuming these are the addicted ones who play games to get away from reality, so they are generally less satisfied with their life.

One aim of this study is to resolve the myth that video games are bad for your children and promote violence. Parents probably would have just focused on the negative effects of prolonged gaming, so this may be all for naught. I think playing a few hours a week reduces stress and creates a healthy mind. Playing too much defaults the brain to hedonistic desires and video gaming addiction. It’s not rocket science, yo.

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