The latest upgrade to expansion to the Battlefield world finds you with increasing capability to take your character, and your team, farther into the world. You not only have to fight your way in to release the VIPs, but you also have to work to get them out of the station as well. Some of the new weapons that are available have a hidden cost, use them when the time isn’t right and you can lose serious stat points through harm to yourself, and to the VIP hostages you are supposed to protect.

Gaining Weapons and Finding Dog Tags

There are a lot of cheats already built into the game so don’t think that you are going to be punching a lot of codes into a controller and watching your stats go up. Like most long play linear games, there are a lot of Easter Eggs hidden in the game that will give you some great advantages. You have to start looking for them immediately to find them all. One of them is even stashed in the tutorial. Here is a hint, as soon as you enter the building look at the bulletin board and you will see one of the sets of dog tags that will help you in the game.

Challenges in Every Area Bring Their Rewards

As you progress through every area of the mission, from the mountains of Russia to the ship in the South China Sea there are progressive defined challenges that will bring you more points and weapons to help you advance in the game as well. Make sure that you look at the log as you pass through and do each of the small side adventures. These adventures were designed as a way of padding out the game, they are how you can increase your stats, resources and inventory. You don’t have to complete all of them to do the main mission, but it will be far less than it could be if you don’t take the time to unlock all the secrets in the game.

Does it Play the Same on Every Platform?

One of the advantages to playing Battlefield 4 is its availability on almost every gaming platform possible. While those on Xbox One may have a bit of an adjustment period since their old third party controllers are no longer supported, for the rest of the gamers using different systems there won’t be a problem. One of the key expansions that have been listed for Battlefield 4 is a whole new adventure area that continues the basic storyline. Only this time, where the story will take you is going to be a lot more complex and difficult to solve. With the addition of all the side adventures to pump up your character, you are looking at a long and intense adventure before you even get down to the task of completing the main mission. It is well worth it and the latest Battlefield 4 upgrade has some of the best effects yet.

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