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How Has Voice Acting Evolved as a Profession?

Videogame acting in the beginning was very low-paying, not very serious the scripting was not very good usually, and the directing was awful. The work environment sucks but if the benefits are nice, just in the last four or five years it’s become unionized work that pays much better than it used to be. So obviously when the pay scale went up, revenue was generated by the industry the standards came up dramatically as well now that the directors are better, voice actors are of higher quality, as well as the quality of the games are getting better and better all the time. Look at games like World of Warcraft for instance. There are over 400 characters; 400 different voices in that game, and that kind of work keeps coming aroundenough to make a lead role like that you could be working for years on just a single game, so yeah there’s plenty of work out there it’s just getting the lead roles that are tricky.

What Changed Between Duke 3-D and Duke Nukem Forever?

You remember the old games with the 8-bit lines? I have a limit of maybe 5 to 7 seconds that a line could be because they can only put so many files on a CD-ROM at the time. Now it’s wide open and there’s lots of dialogue and lots of cut scenes to put the audio audio in. So, there’s more acting in general and not just one-liners anymore but aall I just have to do is think up some anger from inside which I find easy to do because I have ex-wivesctual acting!

Where Does Your Mind Go When you Become Duke?

All I have to do this just bring up some anger from inside which I find easy to do because I have ex-wives so I just think angry and then I grit my teeth and then it just flows out; it’s very easy. There are others characters that I find challenging to do for instance in Guild Wars 2 or DotAthe where I’m a Blood Seeker, which is a Hispanic speaker. he’s got a tough voice but he’s also got a Hispanic accent that he must maintain all the time so I find that a challenge. I’ve tried to get other game character roles but everyone thinks I can only do Duke. This sorts cuts both ways the fact that I’ve been Duke since 1995 means that the junior / high school kids that played Duke Nukem in the 90s are now game developers that the top guys want to hire. this could have had a record in San Diego or Los Angeles but know they insisted to find me to Seattle and recording there because there are fans.

What is next for Duke Nukem?

He is a great and viable character for the next motion picture superhero. He’d be great now that everything can be done CG there is no reason to find somebody who needs to look like him and just animate the whole thing. You could put titties in there, right?

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