Minecraft started full blast in the gaming world last 2011 and that is in the PC platform. Since a lot of people got so excited playing the game, it wasn’t that long that the developer of Minecraft sold millions of copies especially after they have released the game in to different gaming platforms such as Playstation 3, 4 and Vita; Xbox 360 and Xbox 1; iOS as well as Android run handheld devices. In fact, it is considered one of the top 10 free games to play today. Later on, it was also bought out by Microsoft windows as well as their mobile platform the Windows phone.

There were also rumors that Nintendo wasn’t interested at all with Minecraft to be available on their gaming console for reasons that only they would now but it would definitely look great if they were to consider right?

Nintendo has been a favorite gaming console for the younger age group since the games that are available with them are just so cute and easier to play with. While Minecraft for free is also a game that not only adults play but a lot of kids too, wouldn’t it be great to have them both together?

I remember playing Super Mario brothers with our family computer, which is how it was called then, with my sisters and friends, the size of the cartridge is just insane compared to the ones that we have now. Until now, whenever I go to gaming shops, I still find a lot of cute and simple looking games that looks really fun from Nintendo. I used to have the 3D model and I find the camera and Wi-Fi connection really amazing. Nintendo Wii is also fun to play with especially when there are a lot of movements that you can do; this is why I really think that Minecraft would be great on them. How about you?

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