Now that the Windows 95 frenzy is going full tilt, you may wonder, "is there a game specifically designed for this amazingly cool new operating system that takes full advantage of its multi-threading capabilities?" Or perhaps you'd like to know, "is there a game so incredibly wicked that it will actually increase my supply of testosterone?"

The answer to both questions: Yes. And you're looking at it.

Thexder flies, runs, jumps, morphs into a tank or plane, and blasts his way through five worlds, each with ten different levels of increasing hair-pulling difficulty.

Your job in all this is to help Thexder work his way through mind-numbing mazes while steering clear of energy fields, sheer drop offs, and other assorted game-enders. Then, in addition to robots, aliens, cyborgs and other enemies, Thexder also has to contend with burning lava, crushing ceilings, and unpredictable explosives.

Thanks to your droid-fast reflexes, and Thexder's ability to morph. you can struggle your way to the 50th level to face Primus Tech, the numero uno enemy. Actually, there are other enemies you can take on: the bad dudes you play against on your network or your modem.

All this battling is supercharged courtesy of Windows 95. Along with the main horizontally-scrolling action window, there are five additional screens to keep you filled in on your position, available equipment, enemies and weapons. Due to that multi-threading business, every screen is constantly updated without slowing down the main action one hair.

Thexder-sure to be one of the season's best sellers-has arrived, pumped on Windows 95 steroids, and ready to do some serious damage.


The five screens of Thexder churn out loads of info and action simultaneously. It's all made possible by the only game to take advantage of the multi-threading abilities of Windows 95.

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