After Minecraft 1.5.2 was released, a lot of Minecrafters have been overwhelmed with possibilities. The Redstone Update, as its called, has added comparators, hoppers and more, increasing the depth of game-play. One of the greatest aesthetic additions is quartz. It is crafted with a two-by-two crafting recipe. It is a marble like block used for lots of things like Greco-roman builds. Raw quartz is found in the nether and is used for many new items including the comparator. The comparator is without doubt one of the largest additions to Redstone ever. Its characteristics, (like the different modes) are hard to understand but Properenglish19 has a pretty good YouTube video covering the basics. Hoppers are another great addition, basically acting as wood, obsidian, and cobblestone pipes from Buildcraft, all in one. Otherwise they are pretty straightforward so I won’t go to deep into detail with them. You can find the full list of additions on the Minecraft launcher start page. For a not-so expert, a good way to learn about new items is just to play around with them.

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Herobrine kept his promise to return, and now he’s back in Hypixels latest adventure map “Herobrine’s Return.” I have not personally played it and haven’t been able to figure out much about it but I do know that this is one of the greatest maps ever made for Minecraft. Its uses of the new 1.5 features are astounding, including-but not limited to-scripted conversations with mobs and. get this. Exploding rockets with flame trails, shot out of Herobrine. Sounds crazy but hypixel is a true genius. I highly recommend you play this sequel to Herobrines Mansion.

A texture pack that I found for 1.5.2 is called BeautyCraft-15-Zafternoon by TobiwanK3nobi. It does not add a complete change but does alter the visuals a little bit, causing stunning results, especially with wood, stone and ore. I don’t love the grass texture, as it is a little to muddy for my taste. This pack definitely looks better with MCPatcher, which is a good application to have anyway. Just run MCP and click patch. (Make sure you have the pack installed first.)

One of my favorite Minecraft world editors is World Painter. World Painter is not a world editor as much as it is a world creator. You can raise and lower land, flood areas, change biomes and even get a seed for the world so your friends can play the map you made. World Painter is great for things like survival games maps, because it creates large terrain that is a pain with vanilla, world edit or even MCEdit.

A very annoying glitch I noticed in 1.5.2 is that sand falls from two blocks above where it originated but fortunately that was fixed in the 1.5.1 snapshot, along with MobGrief commands not working on the ender dragon.

This week’s server spotlight is a p-v-p and survival server but is known for their survival games. It has over 15 arenas and has a very smooth plug-in that is mostly lag-free. You can also play CTF, bow warfare, factions, and SkyBlock. The IP is:

A cool seed that I found is pencilsharpener. It is an island seed with a peninsula. On the peninsula there is a hill that flattens out into a beach. And on the opposite side of the island you can see a nearby mainland. The stronghold is in a jungle biome on the mainland. This seed is good for beach houses, mansions and cities.

Overall this has been a good week for Minecraft. Stay tuned for my next article, which will include mod’s, bugs and more update news. Thank you everyone and happy 1.5.2!

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